At Alawi Boutique Hotel, health and safety have always been a priority. Due to the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, we have taken steps to improve our hygiene and cleanliness standards, to ensure the safety of our guests and staff members. The guidelines established by local authorities, the Kenyan government and WHO have been adopted. Our main goal is to avoid the spread of the disease, therefore strict procedures have been implemented to achieve this goal.


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, deep cleaning of all general areas was carried out with suitable disinfectants. After our client has left the hotel, all rooms and areas are disinfected. Risk areas such as palm trees, sunbeds, mattresses, entrances, public areas, staff rooms, kitchen and storeroom are cleaned daily with particular attention. An infrared thermometer is located at the reception to check the temperature of all patrons when they enter Alawi Boutique Hotel, including staff members, guests, suppliers and taxi drivers. The staff members in contact with the public were equipped with gloves and face masks and were instructed to wear them at all times. Information signs and disinfectant dispensers have been installed in all exits, entrances, areas where people gather, bedrooms, main gate, beach access, reception, bar and restaurant; remembering that it is good practice to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with running water, wear the mask and avoid close contacts while maintaining social distancing.


Updated official information on the pandemic is available at any time at the reception. All reception staff have been trained and know how to counter COVID-19 so that they can safely perform the assigned task. Hand sanitizer is offered to all guests upon arrival and their temperature is measured using an infrared thermometer. A guest questionnaire has been added to the check-in process to ascertain the health and place of departure of the guests. Gloves and masks are worn by all members of our front office team. Our porter will wear gloves when carrying luggage in the rooms changing them after each use. The main entrance, the hotel lobby and reception are disinfected before and after each check-in or check-out. There is also a notice board where the emergency contact numbers and the procedures that the hotel will adopt if an individual shows symptoms. During this period, all staff were advised to remain alert, if an individual exhibits symptoms, he is invited to inform management so that necessary measures can be taken.


Our rooms are cleaned to the highest standards, we provide our team with suitable disinfectant cleaners. All surfaces of the rooms are cleaned with particular attention to the areas at the contact points. Additionally, in addition to government recommendations, we use ozone sanitization. Gloves and masks are worn by all members of our cleaning team. Cleaning gloves and utensils are changed after cleaning each room to avoid cross contamination. The linen is collected and washed separately at high temperatures with suitable detergents. Each bedroom has its own linen; once a guest checks out, the room will be completely disinfected with particular attention in all areas (safe, TV remote controls, refrigerator, hairdryer, handles etc.), including ozone sanitization.

Ozone sanitization eliminates odors and regenerates the air in hotel rooms, removes bacteria and pathogens from surfaces and fabrics. With ozone sanitization, we welcome our guests in rooms with fresh, clean and deodorized air. Of all the disinfectants in the world, ozone is the best for eliminating germs and bacteria, its very high oxidizing power makes it an effective sanitizer and deodorant, stronger even than traditional chemical detergents; it is 100% natural and ecological. Environments treated with ozone are also sanitized against fungi, molds and pollen, the main causes of allergic reactions, and also acts as an inactivator on viruses. Sanitization also affects surfaces, objects present in the treated area, totally eliminating unpleasant odors of various kinds (smoke, animals etc ...), as well as removing insects (mites, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths ...). This sanitization is performed in every closed environment (bedrooms, bathrooms, hall, kitchen, store etc ..) by means of a portable ozone generator.


The dimensions of our tables are 130 cm x 130 cm, therefore 4 people seated are spaced beyond the limits indicated by the protocol. All dining tables and chairs are disinfected before serving to customers and spaced in such a way as to always guarantee at least 1.5 m between one guest and another. During this pandemic period and until further notice by the health authorities, it will not be possible to make the breakfast / lunch / dinner buffet, each dish will be served at the table.


The staff of Alawi Boutique Hotel has received information and training on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at work and in their homes, all have carried out the anti-Covid test, all are equipped with individual protective devices such as masks, disposable gloves and visor facial. Upon the occurrence of new procedures or rules that the health authorities should issue, we will implement information and training sessions.


The management of Alawi Boutique Hotel has taken all the necessary precautions issued by the government against the spread of COVID 19 to guarantee that the above policies are strictly followed and respected, the management does not assume any responsibility for any injury or illness due to the negligence of a guest who does not follow the indicated protocol will also report to the health authorities suspected cases of risk of infections. This disclaimer must be accepted and signed by the occupants of the room and on behalf of any minors who accompany them, it will be binding on assigns, heirs, legal representatives of any accompanied minors. Alawi Boutique Hotel with its respective owners, directors, employees, is exonerated from any liability and any fault or liability in the terms established in this disclaimer, in case of customer negligence to the established guidelines. Management reserves the right to modify the aforementioned standard operating procedures in line with government directives, at any time without notice.




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